ESPN's Curious Campus Choices

ESPN, you continue to be awesome.

From Awful Announcing comes the upcoming schedule for College Gameday: Hoops Edition for this coming winter. How do they have them decided already? I don't know. I guess because how the season goes is sort of irrelevant to ESPN, at least from the college basketball perspective.

For those too lazy to link over, here's the schedule:

January 16th: Storrs, Conn. - Notre Dame at Connecticut (Women’s)

A women's game. Awesome. Yes, we get it -- women's basketball is just as deserving of our attention. I'll be sure to care...soon.

January 23rd: Clemson, S.C. - Duke at Clemson

Clemson, noted basketball powerhouse from a basketball-hungry part of the country. Also, note to Clemson -- you can't pretend you're nutty fans about both football and basketball and not really be good at either of them.

January 30th: Manhattan, Kan. - Kansas at Kansas State (6 p.m. show and game at 7 p.m.)

Fine. Kansas is good and a great state for hoops.

February 6th: Champaign, Ill. - Michigan State at Illinois

This is your Big Ten choice? No Boilermakers? Okay. Whatever.

February 13th: Lexington, Ky. - Tennessee at Kentucky

Okay, Calipari. I get it.

February 20th: Seattle, Wash. - UCLA at Washington

Seriously? Seriously?

February 27th: Syracuse, N.Y. - Villanova at Syracuse

I guess I should be happy they're not featuring a powerful Big East matchup every week. Because the Big East is awesomeness.

March 6th: Durham, N.C. - North Carolina at Duke

But of course.

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