Shhhhhhh...Exhibition Game.

Got to listen to tonight's game and took away a couple things:

-Kelsey Barlow should be very happy that no one cares about these games. I can't find the final stats anywhere, but he had at least 6 turnovers. Coming in, Painter thought of Barlow as a shoe-in to start in the coming games due his excellent play in practice...He was far from excellent this evening.

-The tip-off was delayed because Uof I was was probably because of the inclement weather. Oh wait, nevermind.

-Moore and Johnson both played well in limited minutes.

-Lots of weird combos on the court...lots of people played.

-All three Johnsons (Terone Anthony, JaJuan) played at one time and Cliz was super-confused on how to differentiate the three. I guess he never thought it would happen.

-Purdue won by 23 and shot too many three pointers (not sure how many...can't find stats anywhere). Final Score was 82-59.

-We'll have a more-detailed look at tonight's contest either tonight or tomorrow as a guest will be writing a few eye-witness thoughts down for us.

Super-In-Depth Look at Unimportant Contest

Exhibition Notes