Hatin' With Might and Main: Michigan

Sometimes it's easy to remember what you don't like about an opponent. Other times it's harder. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, BS is here to help. In a new feature (and you know how well we stick to new features), we'll help you figger out why you should hate Purdue's next opponent, mainly using third grade playground insults and other such high-brow stuff you've come to love BS for. 

Up today: The Michigan Wolverines.

What should you not like about the maize? Manny Harris' elbow, for starters, which was of course "accidental." And resulted in an ejection.

The Fab Five still is a stain on Big Ten basketball. Those guys were openly being paid off and then we're supposed to feel sorry that their banners aren't hanging in Crisler? Hey, you guys can visit your banners anytime you want in the storage closet.

Ann Arbor is a....well, you know.

Zach Novak.

The whiney 'bags from American Pie were from Michigan.

You're welcome to add your own.


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