Nearly $200,000...for what???

Really? Really?

There are some good marketing people out there- those who can strike a chord with a consumer or potential consumer...the sharpest of the sharp will make you feel emotionally-involved with a simple word and the images that correspond with that word.

Purdue didn't hire those people when it decided to re-brand the university...But the really bad news is they paid a pretty good amount of money for a really brad tagline and re-built image.

See here for yourself, if you'd like...but we'll tell you all you need to know:

"We are Purdue. Makers all."

Holy-stinkin' Moly!! That is awful. Remember, they also promised us the colors would change and there would be corresponding icons- can't wait to see what this braintrust came up with.

I'll say this- if the people responsible for this junk are alums, they should be ashamed. Plain and simple. If they're not, we should check if they're not IU or UND alums...because this sounds like sabotage, to me.

I generally don't like marketing people, because I feel most are simply talking out of their arses...this doesn't help.

I presume Ms. Thompson was involved back in the early 90s when MC Hammer changed his name to just "Hammer" right before his music career came to a halt. Or perhaps she was a part of the team that dropped "Just do it." and the swoosh from Nike's branding...before adding it back a year later. Regardless of her past, her present project is a failure.

Boooo, Terry Lucie Thompson, and co. You've been stealing money and wasting our time.

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