Stop The Big Market Teams!

In case you hadn't heard, last week the Marlins traded away their two biggest stars, Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis, for six nobodies.

When will this madness end, I ask you?? These large-market teams cannot be allowed to continue using teams like the Florida Marlins as their farm teams! It's not fair! Teams like the Marlins and Devil Rays should be in the World Series every year! They should never fail! There should be a rule that the Kansas City Royals must be in the World Series every three years. Simple as that. Write it down, Bud Selig.

The Marlins are cash-strapped and are continuing to trade away their stars just as they become legitimate and the team begins to look good. Never mind that they might be a marginally-run franchise playing in a fickle market with lame fans. No, that doesn't matter. We need a salary cap and more revenue sharing! These poor teams don't deserve to be poor! They were born that way! Communism Baseball is the way to go!!

If I could pound my fist online I would do so, just so you could see how serious this is! The Yankees cannot be allowed to continue to "buy" good players just because they don't care about payroll! They keep trying to buy championships and yet haven't won it in years! This is unfair!

Wait, what? Hold on...

Oh, the Tigers are the ones who made this swipe from the Marlins? Oh, okay, it's cool then.

Butt-Buddies In A Whole New Way

Shove it, NBC!