The Handsome Night Rises

We know you all missed it. But it's been a less-than-handsome basketball season, thus our interest level waned. However, we're recharged and back for fun. We promise to make what might be the only episode of Season Eight of the Handsome Hour worth your while. Or at least we promise to make it pass an hour of your time. How's that for managing expectations?

Sure, it's been a lean sports year at Purdue -- but the basketball team has shown signs of life (plus even when our boys have a down year, it's not a down year), spring football is coming soon to a furnace near you, and let's be honest -- you miss us. We miss you, too. Let's not make a big deal out of it.

The Handsome Hour. Returning Wednesday night at 9 PM. Stream it live here or listen/download later.

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