Who's Ready To Get Handsome?

The Handsome Hour returns for Season Five tonight, at 10 PM, Eastern. T-Mill of the Purdue baseball site Hammer and Rails will join us to give his thoughts on the brand spanking new Purdue football season, because if there's one guy who knows about Purdue and spanking, it's Travis. Wait, what was I saying?

We're also going to open the phone lines tonight -- something we haven't done in a while -- so if you have a take on Purdue football or a question you want our wisdom on (ha!) or you'd like instructions on how to make a delicious lemon chicken dinner, give us a call. New phone number this year is 909-265-9130. Write that in the girls' dorms. We'll open the lines at about 10:30 PM or thereabouts.

We're back. Drink it in. It's handsome time.

Handsome Kickoff Special: August 31, 2011