BS Monday Blogpoll Ballot

Some shakeups this week. Behold:

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas
2 Florida
3 Alabama
4 TCU 1
5 Cincinnati 1
6 Boise State 1
7 Pittsburgh 8
8 Georgia Tech 3
9 Miami (Florida) 7
10 Southern Cal 2
11 Houston 2
12 Ohio State 2
13 Iowa 9
14 LSU 6
15 Utah 2
16 Oklahoma State 2
17 Arizona 2
18 Oregon 9
19 Penn State 9
20 Oregon State
21 South Florida 1
22 West Virginia 1
23 Stanford
24 Wisconsin
25 Navy
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oklahoma (#20), Notre Dame (#23), California (#25).

  • Texas remains at the top. I'm not impressed at all with Florida or Alabama's play of late. Yes, they keep winning. No, the SEC is not the almighty conference their "fans" would have you believe. I've got no allegiance to the Big 12, but take a look at Texas' schedule and results. They're dominating.

  • TCU is for real. They're a good team and deserve to be talked about. They play Utah next and if they win, get ready for mid-major BCS debate.

  • Pittsburgh with a big jump. I fully expect the 'stache to cause Pitt's annual year-end collapse, but for now this team is good. Good record, good results, hard to argue. Plus a bunch of teams ahead of them lost. Always helps your ranking.

  • Iowa drops to 13, but really, we can put them wherever you want. Fifth, 20th, out of the poll. It doesn't matter, because their season is over. They lost Stanzi, maybe for the season, and you saw Saturday why they were willing to keep Stanzi in even in a 5 INT game against IU. They have no other option. They're going to get bulldozed in Columbus and they might even lose to Minny. We'll see. But it's over.

  • Oregon and Penn State take hits for their performances. PSU, especially. Way to show up at home, guys.

  • Oregon State and Stanford earn spots in the poll. Oregon State's losses are to Cinci, Arizona and USC, all by close margins. Stanford is a half-game off the lead in the Pac Ten.

  • And, of course, Navy, against whom Charlie Weis has now lost two consecutive home games, after his predecessors went 43-0 in such situations (vs Navy at home). All is well with the plan in South Bend, though, right Chuck? The Middies are 7-3 and have a legit shot at ten wins this season, mainly due to playing 13 games.

  • Also wanted to mention Temple, who is now 5-0 in the MAC and 7-2 overall. They lost to Villanova (?) and Penn State to open the season and have now ripped off seven in a row. Good for that program, after years of being an absolute joke. I'd vote them in, but they're a MAC team with two losses.

I know there's a lot of poll jockeying here. Let me know what I've done wrong.


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