Notre Dame Dominates...Yet Again.

We all saw what UND and Pickles can do when they played a lousy defense at the end of last season...but they really got to show their stuff this weekend as UND's offense played UND's defense in South Bend.

The quarterbacks, two former number-one recruits out of high school, Crist and Pickles gleamed like the golden dome. They went a combined 12/27, 0 TDs, 1 INT (for a TD).

Ooh, ooh, but Joe Montana was there to watch his son!! It was awesome. Nate Montana wowed the crowd with an aerial that included a pass to the third-team tight end for 34 yards.

But the awesome passing wasn't the only story. UND running backs pounded their great defensive line* for 4.2 yards/carry...and scored a ton of points and they all got to do coordinated dances after each was cute.

Is everyone else thinking what I'm thinking? Probably not, but, are the echoes waking up again, seriously this time? Regardless, Irish football is once again rising to glory.

*Great defined as #45 in the nation v. the run

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