The Infallablility of Jeter

In the interest of honesty, I should point out that I do like Derek Jeter as a player and I also like ARod as a player, though I'm not some huge ARod defender. That said, I wanted to point out a play in tonight's (ongoing) Yankees-Mets game on ESPN. I'm kind of curious if anything gets made of a bad baserunning decision by teflon Derek.

In the top of the third, Jeter doubles and is on second base with one out. Matsui gets up and doubles to center, but it's off the glove of Carlos Beltran, who dove to try to make the catch. Jeter, somehow, only makes it to third base. Somehow, Jon Miller and the perpetually retarded Joe Morgan don't really make anything out of it.

So wait a minute... Jeter, who is supposedly always in the game and thinking ahead of everyone else, can't score from second on a double? Is there any way to interpret this other than a miscue, and a significant one given how hard a time the Yankees are having lately scoring runs?

I mean, Hideki Matsui -- Godzilla, for crying out loud -- managed to get to second on a hit to center field, and Jeter can't get home from second on the same hit?? Just seems kind of.... ridiculous.

If ARod makes this blunder, it's all over the place. But since it was Jeter -- and since the Yanks are now blowing out the Mets as I write this -- not a peep will be heard. Not sure that's right.

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