Tom Brady Does Ads, Too

If you like Peyton Manning, the next time some schmuck mocks him for doing so many commercials, try to gently point out that Tom Brady does ads, too, but they seem to be all print ads. I guess after Manning truly outperformed him on SNL (and in last year's AFC title game -- oh no he din't!), Tom just decided to stick with photos. He is rather handsome, after all. With Leather has the scoop on his $3 million deal to drink this French-sounding water, Glaceau. Three million, huh? Yeah, that guy does nothing but focus on football. Right.

What bothers me most about the above photo, though, is the flow of the ad. I'm a writer and I hate it when things jump out at me as kind of not flowing correctly and, in some cases, flowing really poorly in the wrong direction.

The copy says "what do you drink to bring your A-game?" And let's leave aside for a minute the stupid lack of proper capitalization -- who do these clowns think they are, e.e. cummings? (The English majors out there just laughed.)

The follow-up line is "strength, sweat and stamina count."

Okay, so what do you drink? Strength, sweat and stamina? Gross. I will not drink Tom Brady's strength or his stamina for anything. Not even $3 million. His sweat? Well, maybe. It might make me handsomer. If that's possible.

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