Two Tickets to Paradise (Or the Heart of Dallas Bowl)

Reader and friend of the program Ed has two tickets available for the Jan 1 heavyweight slugfest between the Boilers and Cowboys in the Cotton Bowl.

From Ed:

Some things have changed scheduling wise on my end and I am not going to be able to use my Heart of Dallas bowl tickets.  If you guys have a trivia winner back up or someone else in the Dallas area that you know can use the tickets, let me know.  They are in Sec 24 (50 yd line) in row 37 and are in the Purdue section.  I will overnight the tickets via Fed Ex if you can get me an address quickly.  Of course, the tickets are free of charge.  I know some OSU guys at work that might be able to use them but really prefer they go to a Purdue fan.  

So what do you say, Boiler fans? Can you help Ed out and make sure these tickets don't wind up in the hands of an Okie State Cowboys fan? These are better than the general admission tickets we were giving away last week.

Riddle me this... first correct answer in the comments wins the tickets...

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