Weekend Sports Notes (CMigrator copy 3)

Dare to Dream?
Team USA rolled twice this weekend by margins that were silly in games that are of little worth...But this time, the opponent wasn't Canada. These opponents, Lithuania and Russia were supposedly tough teams. They didn't look that way as Dwayne Wade and Co. made them look pretty bad actually. All this is interesting and noteworthy, but more interesting than that is the new face of Russia's team:

No, not the guy in the blue

Jon Robert Holden, a Pennsylvania-born Euroleague (Moscow) basketball player is one of the starting guards for Russia's team. No, Mr. Holden doesn't have any long-lost cousins from Mother Russia...it was merely convenient for the team to name Jon to their final roster. I'm actually surprised to not see the angry buffoon, Agent Zero playing for team China.

The Olympics and all of its trappings are silly because of a lot of inconsistencies, but the fact that many teams representing specific countries are filled with members from other nations makes the olympics even more of a sham. I really don't think it's too much to demand that nations only have their citizens playing for their country...Regardless of the country. If not, what's the point? The idea that they're amateurs playing the game for the love of sport, competition and comradery is long gone...national pride will be the next part of the games to go by the wayside.

I didn't watch the end of the game, so I don't really even know who "won". But a couple of things stood out to me. First, I was impressed with Quinn Gray. Gray showed a lot and looked like he might back-up Manning, if Sorgi isn't careful (not that it'll matter since Manning has a history of very few injuries). Also, Mike Hart impressed me. But, just like Colt Brennen's number's one simply must take into account the fact that all of the first stringers were on the sidelines, sans pads & helmets, and even the second-stringers were enjoying cold beverages as these two rookies WOWED the Canton crowd.

The Hefty Lefty, (not Mickelson, but Lorenzen) will probably be the odd man out for the Colts at QB...Heck, they might still cut Gray, if they follow previous seasons' models...but I liked the way he played.


And in case you didn't know it, last night's telecast cemented the idea that John Madden is an idiot.

Still Quiet
All's quiet on the football recruiting front. Not much to report outside of whispers that Purdue's in the top-5 for various players. I'm looking forward to when a steady stream of verbals starts rolling in...any day now.

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