Purdue, UND, Butler and IU Do Something Blatantly Logical

It's official. The four big-time hoops programs in Indiana (I'm sorry, the three big-time programs and the one national program) will actually all get together starting next year (yes, we know they wanted no part of Purdue this year) for the inaugural "Crossroads Classic" in Indianapolis. The name needs some work, but the upshot is that Purdue will play Butler and IU will play Notre Dame. The following year, the opponents will flip and Purdue will take on national powerhouse Notre Dame, while IU deals with Butler.

Man, what a brilliant idea!!

Seriously, we asked for this exact thing for the past couple of years and even specifically requested it be these four teams over the past year. Now, I'm not saying this is because of us, but, well, like EF Hutton (kids, ask your parents), when we talk......

Well, okay, nobody really listens. But we're married, we're used to it.

(Not to each other.)

Hey, Thanks!

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