2010 Purdue Football: Game 1

As part of the BS football season preview at the end of August, we'd like the readers of BS to weigh in on the Boilermakers' chances in each of their games. Today, we discuss game 1. 

How nice that the Boilers get to be Brian Kelly's first opponent as coach of Notre Dame. Kicking off the season against Notre Dame is definitely going to feel weird. These two haven't started their seasons against one another since 1984. That game was a 23-21 Boilermaker victory, for whatever that's worth (nothing).

Brian Kelly is here to resurrect a program that has done nothing but underachieve in the past two decades. Sure, they've had some high rankings and they've made a couple of BCS games, but they've also been downright embarrassed in most of their bowl appearances and have been de-pantsed by USC for what feels like forever (eight consecutive, last UND win: 2001).

They've also had their share of losses to our Boilermakers, though of course they've still won more against our boys than they've lost. Last year was one of the more impressive blackouts we've seen by the Purdue fans and football program, even going so far as to black out the "PURDUE" written in the end zones. Of course, then they overdid it by using that look for the rest of the season.

As for the venue, the game is in South Bend, which to understate it, has been unkind to the Boilers in recent.... lifetimes. In the past 36 years, Purdue has won there ONE time. And that was the 2004 bludgeoning by Kyle Orton and company. And remember, that team looked like a world-beater and ultimately peaked in the top 5 in the country. Does this 2010 team have that kind of potential?

No cupcakes to start things out this year and get everyone some positive feelings and playing time. It's go-time on opening day.

Let us know in the comments what your analysis is for this game. Does Purdue have a chance? Should they be favored? Is a win in South Bend just a pipe dream at this point? Or does the rivalry (sorry, non-rivalry, if you ask UND fans) take a turn now? Perhaps the Boilers can own it for a while?

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