Boilermakers Exhibition Season Concludes Tonight But You Won't See It

Tonight, your seventh-ranked Boilermakers take on Kentucky Wesleyan in their second and final exhibition game, and you won't be able to watch.

Wait, no, that's not entirely true. You can still pay the Big Ten Network to watch the game streaming on your computer (it's always easy to follow a basketball on a streaming feed) OR you can wait until three days from now at 3 in the morning and you can watch on the Big Ten Network. No, I'm not kidding. It's the year 2009 and the Big Ten Network is "tape delaying" this game until -- I guess -- they were able to find an opening in their programming schedule. To show live Big Ten sports action. Yeah, I do not understand it, either. But don't tell me how it ends. I'll be getting up at 3 this Thursday morning to watch.

Actually, no, we would like to know what happens and that's why we'd like to ask for a volunteer to do what Paul did for us last week and go to the game and report back what you see. Fire an email to and if you just say something like "Purdue won" then you win a kick in the gonads.

Oh, and there's no pay for this assignment. Hey, it's an exhibition game, after all.

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