BS Predictorama Rankings - Week 10

I've run out of less than witty things to open with, so on with the show...

The predictions for week nine were

Tim says:
Iowa - 23
Purdue - 17

J Money says:
Iowa - 27
Purdue - 16

Boilerdowd says:
Iowa - 28
Purdue - 10

Final score? Iowa 22 - Purdue 17

We all picked Purdue to lose, and sadly, they disappointed yet again and lost. I swept the scoring for this week as I was closest to Iowa's score, closest to overall score, and closest to Purdues score.

The scoring for week 8 is

Tim : 4
J Money : 1
Boilerdowd : 1

So the tally for the season so far is

Boilerdowd : 18
J Money : 17.5
Tim : 17.5

It's a tight race to the finish. It all comes down to the final IU predictions... whose predictions shall reign supreme?

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