Byrd, Barlow, Boilers, Blow their own foot off.

It's TJohn Time.

Shooting yourself in the foot is something this Purdue team has done all season- quick, stupid shots, lack-luster effort on the boards, poor rotations on defense...But now, This team has taken a 12 gauge, pointed it at their collective foot and pulled the trigger.

Here's what Purdue has to replace for Sunday:
40+ minutes of playing time, 20pts (B1G play), 6reb

Plus, both Barlow and Byrd were among the best free throw shooters on the team.

The starting line-up should look something like this:

Off the bench, we'll see:

The ironic part of Purdue being two men down prior to this game, is that both players would have probably matched up with Dawson...a guy that I want to see do nothing but fail while in a basketball uniform...especially at Mackey.

The long term ramifications of Barlow's sudden departure is that Purdue will probably want to sign another player in the class of '12...but I don't know if I see it happening.

Barlow's steady progression as a player would have made him a 10 or 11pt/gm and 4reb 3ast/gm player. Terone and Anthony Johnson's roles becomes even more important...both this season and next.

Dammit, I hate days like this.

Byrdless Boilers Battle and lose to MSU 76-62

And There You Have It.