I'm Back, Bizznatches

I've been away from BS for about twelve days -- the longest I've stayed away since we hatched her.

And what happens? I come back and see my brethren are doing a fantastic job, but there are a smattering of boob comments in the posts, demanding to know where the boobies are.

Look, the boobies are on hiatus right now. We might bring them back perioidically -- if you all behave yourselves.

We're not just pieces of meat, you know. We have brains and thoughts and feelings, too! We have emotions, and we're very delicate! Do you know what it's like when men look at you and all they look at are your boobies? Do you? HUH? I didn't think so.

Up here, buddy. Try looking me in the eyes. Yeah, that's right. Don't talk to my boobs -- talk to me! I'm not showing these off for you to ogle at! I'm showing them off because it's my right! And by posting boobies every Friday for a year was not "asking for it." Damn you for thinking that!

What do you mean, just show them to you for a second? Why would I do that? And what kind of game is "Just the Tip"? I've never heard of it.

Yeah, I know you think you're really slick wearing those sunglasses so you can look wherever you want. I wasn't born yesterday. Fine. Fine! You want to see some boobs? Will that make you happy? Fine, make me feel cheap. Here you go.

It's good to be back.

That makes sense...Nice job, Detroit.

Pull the trigger on Digger, UND!!