Return of the sideboobs (CMigrator copy 1)

Since no one else wanted to man up, I'll take care of the sideboob coverage this week.

Let's get straight to boobage shall we?

I believe I have the names right here, but just in case, I've added in aliases that these fine upstanding citizens also go by.

Her actual name is Joanna Krupa, but let's call her Boobie McBreasterson.

Next up we have Ms. Kristen Bell, otherwise known in these parts as Tits Magee. I know, it's not quite a sideboob, but it is an "overboob" and that should count for something.

Yes, that's Jessica Biel, but around here we like to call her stumps. It's an in joke. Between Jessica and me. Well, really just me. Hell, I don't even get it. Let's move on shall we?

Rounding out our coverage today is former Charles and Charge actress... oh wait? You recognize her from Baywatch? Hmm. What's Baywatch? Anywho, this is Nicole Nipsalot, err, Nicole Eggert.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs on Fridays in this space. We know, we know. SBF is the only reason you come here, but maybe take a look around and come to the realization that Joe Tiller is no longer a good coach. Also, IU sucks. If you have any specific boobs you'd like us to uncover, hit us up anytime at

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