The BS Handsome Hour Reminder

So I know we said that last week's show being on an hour later was for one week only, but it was so successful that we're putting it on opposite your local news again this week. Well, that and I'm traveling for my pesky day job and won't be back into town until the evening. So if the show begins and Boilerdowd is flying solo, give him a call to cheer him up. He misses me terribly.

We may possibly discuss the handsome devil pictured here and his pretty suspect non-rival of a team. We may talk about the state of the football program. We most likely will talk about the great job everyone did with the blackout. Or we might just discuss Elizabeth Bogush and Charissa Thompson's goodies.

As always, we'd love to hear from you at (347) 945-5560. And let's set a few ground rules right here since we're not pros at this -- let's plan in advance to keep calls to 2-3 minutes. That way, if there's a stack of callers, we don't leave anyone hanging for too long. And if there isn't a stack of callers, 'dowdy and I can talk more. We like to talk. And hear ourselves. And look in mirrors. Where was I?

Oh, right...

The Boiled Sports Handsome Hour. Tonight, 11 PM, Eastern, 7 PM Anchorage time.

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