Who Wants to Win a Free Round (With Us) at the Brees Golf Outing?

Thanks to the stunning generosity of our new favorite reader Ed Sigo, Boiled Sports will not only have a foursome at the Drew Brees Dream Foundation Golf Outing on June 17, but we will officially be sponsoring two holes, one on each course. (Is my excitement over being a sponsor largely because of the potential of Morgan Burke or Tom Schott seeing a “Boiled Sports” sign at a Purdue event and shanking their drive out of bounds? Perhaps.)

As for how this relates to YOU, dear readers, well, we have a slot to give away in our foursome to a deserving reader of this site. Boilerdowd cannot make it to the event because the last time I took him on a golf course, he held the club by the wrong end and ran around in jean shorts cursing at geese in his path. Also, he’ll be out of town that weekend performing at a wedding (well, performing or attending, I can’t remember which – no matter).

Ed is donating one of the two remaining spots in the foursome to his favorite local charity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, in the hopes that one of the many good citizens who participate as a “Big” will get the opportunity to play in this cool event.

Which leaves one slot remaining. And it could easily be yours. First off, what it means if you get it:

1) Entry into the afternoon session of the Drew Brees Dream Foundation Golf Outing (value: $150) on Friday, June 17. The afternoon session is a scramble, so if you’re unfamiliar with golf, let me just tell you that this is the less stressful kind of tourney and you can drink beer all afternoon.

2) Lunch preceding the round (indeterminate value; at least $10). Lunch and registration is at 12 noon, tee off is at 1:30 pm.

3) Cocktail reception (value: variable), awards ceremony (value: depends on how bad we are) and live auction, where you can buy autographed Drew Brees memorabilia (you’re on your own here).

4) Your beverage of choice from the cart girls driving around, on me (value: depends on how hot the cart girls are).

5) The pleasure of my company for eighteen holes (value: honestly, can you put a price on this?). Ed will also be there and he’s probably more entertaining than I am, plus he is donating this foursome, so he’s already a lot cooler.

So how do you win this coveted afternoon? Here’s how.

Send us an email at BoiledSports@gmail.com that contains your own personal essay on why you should get to go. Put it in an email, attach it as a Word doc, mime it out, record it from the can… we don’t care. Just tell us in 500 words or less why you should be the fourth player in the BS foursome at the Handsome Drew Brees Golf Outing.

We’d love to show bias towards current or recent students, but we also understand it’ll be June and there might be fewer of you in the area. (Also, women are welcome to apply. BS is an equal-opportunity offender.)

As mentioned, limit your entry/explanation/essay/begging to a maximum 500 words. We can’t be expected to pay attention for very long, given our ADD. And, quite honestly, if you need more than that much to make your case, well, you must not have a good reason.

If you’re funny, your chances go up. If you’re a good golfer who can help us win, your chances go up (actually, that’s only a nice perk – hackers are welcome to apply, too). If you’re Natalie Gulbis or a reasonable facsimile, you’ll win without any further debate.

Oh, and this is for entry to the events described above only. You provide your own golf clubs, balls, spikes, funny hats, plaid pants, etc., as well as transportation and lodging for the event. Ed’s a generous guy, but he’s not going to be your sugar daddy. Don’t make me create fine print for this.

All entries are due by Friday, May 20. This gives us time to determine a winner and for you to get your travel in order, should you need it.

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