Alright, I'm on board.

This is the type of fire that IU needs again!!!
(disregard the result of the above contest)

I've heard it said by the racists that ran Davis out of Bloomington, I've heard the sentiment on on local radio and last night, I even heard it on the convening place of sports geniuses, ESPN.

Bobby Knight should be made IU's next head basketball coach.

You know what, I'm on board now, I think he's the perfect guy for the job. So, I'm going to do what I can to get the word out...Why not? I mean he was forced out by an AD & President that are no longer there...and clearly, what he did while at IU wasn't that big of a deal. Obviously the game hasn't passed him by...and who could be more qualified? Three national champs, dominant record over the rest of the Big Ten...No one has a better resume. Further, would there be a better way to get the fanbase in Martinsville & Bedford back on board?

Come on Purdue fans, there is no one better for the coaching position in Bloomington that will be open in the next week or so. So get the word out! The last thing that program needs is an exhaustive search for the "best" candidate. Plus, this would stoke my strong dislike for IU and much of its old fanbase. Staying in the past and treading water in an effort to revive the go-go 80s is the best case scenario (for Purdue fans)!

Go Get 'em Knight!
("not coach Knight, not Mr. Knight...")

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