Frye Guys? Bye guys!

The Browns have traded Charlie Frye to the Seattle Seahawks for a sixth round draft pick. They gave him 37 seconds of play time in the first half of the first game before deciding he clearly wasn't the answer. Well done, coaching staff! That's the way to emulate Super Bowl contenders! Yank your starting quarterback as soon as you can and then trade him. Don't bother to improve your offensive line first. I still think the Browns would be better off if they just had a center, a QB, and 9 wide receivers. Really spread that field.

The defensive pass rush wouldn't be that much improved against the center as they are against the whole offensive line. The strategy of Cleveland offensive linemen has typically been to fall down and play possum as soon as the ball is snapped.

Hopefully they can follow the Tim Couch model and throw rookie quarterbacks under to bus to the point where they need repeated surgeries to repair their arms after the massive beatings they've been subjected to.

I have an idea Romeo... just hit Brady Quinn with a tire jack before the next game, tie his legs together, and then put him in the game. The idiots in the stands will surely cheer. After 15 games and 98 sacks, Quinn will be well on his way.

Here's another idea. DRAFT. OFFENSIVE. LINEMEN.

With every pick.

For the next 10 years.

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