A Welcomed Change of Season

Tonight Matty's Pups will begin the B1G basketball season at Mackey and our gaze will shift indoors for a few months.  Sadly, this change might not be the most enjoyable as Purdue looks very flawed thus far as they go through growing pains, struggle to find offensive continuity and search for defensive toughness.  This is not a typical Painter team at this point...and everyone involved, from our pal, former player and current GA, Ryne Smith, to veteran DJ Byrd, to the Freshman players to the HC himself, have their work cut out for them.  If nothing else, I want to see this team fight to try to get better.  If they do, good things will happen. If they continue to need to be reminded to move in motion offense, and switch on defense, it's going to be painful repetition for the next few months.

But, the change of season that officially happens following Kent State's bowl game will usher a season of real hope for Purdue's football program.  I'd argue this is the first time we've really had something to look forward to in about eight years.  Sure, as fans, our hearts wanted to see big things in the September of Joe Tiller's career and when an under experienced successor was hired, we pulled for him as well...but our logic nudged us another direction.  One not of cautious optimism, but extremely-managed expectations at best...and a negative outlook at worst.

So with the change, Hazell says he'll open up practices and invite fans to come watch...he wants to see guys earn their positions...and he wants to change the culture of the program.  As we saw yesterday, he has his work cut out for him.  But a guy who truly knows what it's like to be around a winner and has the combination of Xs & Os knowledge with a bit of rah-rah sprinkled on top, might be exactly what Purdue needs to not only become a competitor again, but to do it in a season or two.

We've been beating the drum of Purdue wearing a matte black helmet as an alternate for a few years...and we still like the idea.  The matte black looks tough...and unlike most programs in America who roll out the dull finish for special games, Purdue actually has black in its colors.  Plus, players love to see alternate uniforms and changes in unis.  So while you might be an old guy who doesn't think it matters, it kinda does to a 19 year old...and it'd be pretty fun to see some change.

So, to go along with a new coaching staff, let's pull for a change to the uniforms...

If you follow us on Twitter, you've already seen these...so this is a bit redundant. But, our reach on the site is a bit larger than that on Twitter, so here goes:

Matte black helmet, gloss P, gloss single stripe, black chin strap and trim on the back.
This along with a slight tweak to the uniforms would be a pretty solid improvement- same general design, but no italicized numerals...traditional block.
A tweak, not a radical change should do the trick below the neck.
If you agree or disagree, weigh in. If you really like what you see, forward the link to Burke, Hazell or whomever else you think might appreciate the concept.
Purdue helmets circa 1949
One more thing- black helmets for Purdue aren't something that Fred Akers invented.  Purdue has had black helmets four times in the program's history...But gloss black with a gold P and twin white stripes surrounding a gold stripe were Coach Akers' brain child.  That look still makes me wanna throw up a bit in my mouth...but I like the black/black look much more.

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