About That Brewers "Scuffle"

For those who missed Sportscenter or Baseball Tonight last night, here's what happened in the Brewers dugout with the Brewers down 6-1 and pitcher Manny Parra out of the game.

Now, whatever caused this, it's pretty clear that Parra wanted nothing to do with Fielder, who looked kind of crazy as he was being restrained there. Fielder is already known for being at odds with his father and won't even speak to him -- kind of dramatic. He also became a vegetarian before the season. So maybe Manny Parra just looked delicious.

Regardless, Prince, if you're going to start a fight, why would you slap at him? What is this, a prep school fight?

What bothered me more about this, though, was manager Ned Yost's asshole-ish response to reporters asking about it after the game.

"For eight months a year, we're a family. At times things happen, flare up, but it's between the family. It's in the family. It's a little bit rude when your neighbors are fighting next door for you to go knock on the door and ask what happened. And that's kind of what's happening now. We handle it ourselves. It's between us and it's nobody's business. But it wasn't that big a deal."

Um, up yours, Ned Yost. See, if my neighbors are fighting on national television and I happen to spend part of my salary on my neighbors getting along and doing their jobs well... then it IS my effing business. And I'm allowed to say, hey, what happened?

You jackass.

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