In the Conversation: Basketball Recruiting

Eyeing the future of Purdue basketball

Most of you already know that Matt Painter's a hustler when it comes to recruiting. More than one recruit has noted how Painter seems to be in two places at once and shows up in places that the recruit simply is surprised to see Purdue's coach in attendance.

The class of 2010 has (arguably) 3 top-100 of those who has meteorically-risen to the top-50...even while injured during much of the summer. Things are looking up, it seems, with each minute that passes for the Purdue men's team.

But, I'm really impressed with what's a little bit down the road. The class of 2011 is loaded with talent from the Midwest, specifically the state of Indiana. Painter tends to focus on Indiana and Illinois instead of spreading himself all over the nation.

According the the rivals, Purdue has offers out to 9 of the nation's top-50 players...While I'll take one of those out of the running right away because his last name's Zeller and a couple are heavy leans elsewhere...Purdue is really in the running for 4-or-5 of these players. And honestly, I think they're going to land two of them.

You've heard me say this before- that I don't take stock in a lot the commitment of a 14 or 15 year old. But, these 16 or 17 year olds are taking Coach Painter very seriously and are beginning to see Purdue for what it is- a force in college basketball. Painter's effort isn't a buckshot method that hopes for something to stick- it's a very-focused, close-to-home technique that seems to develop relationships that a lot of these kids gravitate toward.

Last year, Painter spoke of the importance of a Glenn Robinson-type of player who might be able to propel the program to the next level with his immense amount of talent...Don't be surprised if we hear one of these top-25-type of players commit to Painter in the near seems to me like it's almost inevitable at this point. Matty's paving the way.

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