JoePa Tomfoolery Hits A Nerve

Loyal reader E (full name: Ericallowuous Elbows Edenstein, IV) shot us an email yesterday alerting us to one of ESPN Page 2's digs at Joe Paterno.

It's not particularly clever, simply taking more shots at Paterno, but for a quick read -- and if you, like us, enjoy making fun of detached old coaches who don't know when to step down -- it's got a few chuckles in it.

Well, loyal Penn Staters never find it funny when others bring up JoePa's explosive diarrhea or the fact that he's -- gasp! -- old.

There Is No Name On My Jersey, a fine ole PSU blog, took serious issue with it today. And all I can say is, JB, man, calm down. Deep breathes. Everyone is aware of ESPN's one-trick pony style of writing. But you're going to burst a blood vessel, man.

Also? Joe is old.

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