Quick Hitter: Coaches not on our list

Jim Chaney made our list...but not by much, honestly.

In hindsight, Mark Hagan might have been better at that spot...or maybe Greg Olson, but both have pimp slapped Purdue at one time or another with their career choices, so they're disqualified.

That said, there is still a contingent of Purdue fans that want to see a Purdue-tied coach become the next HC...I do too, but only one guy, really...so since Sumlin isn't available, both J and I think it's probably best for the program to start fresh.

In the wake of that statement, here are some guys with Purdue ties that I hope Burke doesn't call:

No more mustaches.

-Brock Spack...his defenses were last in the nation during multiple seasons as DC at Purdue.  Seems like a good guy and the players like him...but I don't think that hire would make any sense.  Plus, Burke passed over him already, I'm sure he remembers that.

-Doug Downing played QB for Purdue in the 80s and is now the running backs coach at EMU.

-Taylor Stubblefield should be coaching at Purdue eventually under whomever is the next coach...but he's too green...Same goes for Rod Woodson, who might not ever want to coach again after his year in Oakland.

-Tim Brewster, Minny's ex-HC was a GA at Purdue in the mid-80s...he proved he's a bad HC at Minnesota already.

-Bill Doba coached for four years under Burtnett at Purdue...later, was HC at Washington state.  After his first very successful season (10-3), Doba couldn't crack .500...was fired in '07 and hasn't worked since.  Doba is retired and two years older than Joe Tiller.

-Bill Legg was co-OC under Tiller in the last few seasons.  He's currently OC at Marshall...and they can score (as we saw in RA a few weeks ago)...but I get the feeling that a Legg-coached team would be a lot like Marshall in the fact that defense would merely be optional, and offense would be the primary focus.

All this is for entertainment purposes at this point...no wagering, please.

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