Sideboob Friday: Washed-Up Pop Starlet Edition

Hey, it's Friday. And for some reason, I've got washed-up starlets backing up in SBF archives. So let's get things out in the open.

First up is Paris Hilton. Yeah, I know that might be a limited Sideboob but are you an editor of this site? I didn't think so. Now, I've never been a fan of Paris Hilton. She's got no real talents (I mean, none of the PG-rated variety anyway) and her claim to being famous is simply her last name. And normally when I see her, I just don't get why anyone would find her attractive. And then every once a while a picture like this one comes along and I sort of grant that she can have her moments. And hey, who doesn't love a girl who skims her own pool?

Oh, Lindsay, how far you've fallen. This is almost depressing... let's wrap things up with a much better photograph. Here's Christina Aguliera, busting out of her top. Goodness, that's some whore-ish lipstick she's wearing, too. Hard to keep the genie in the bottle. (Ho-boy! No he din't!)

That's all for this week's installment. Robbie and the Hummels at the Kitty Cats this weekend. Boiler Up!

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