Boiled Sports Joins the Blogpoll

Look at us, growing up and becoming men. Sort of, anyway.

We've been added to the ranks of bloggers who get to vote in the CBS college football blogpoll, brought to you by Brian of MGoBlog fame. A little more on the blogpoll can be found here, if you're so inclined.

Point is, we'll be voting this year. Which means.... what, exactly? Well, we're "encouraged" to get the poll up early in the week and let our readership chime/bash/insult/comment/poop/sigh about it. This is supposed to make us re-think omissions we may have made or things we might have overlooked. Of course, this assumes you guys (and girls) are smarter than us. Which, okay, may be so. But we have a vote. (Nyah-nyah!)

First poll is due Monday, so here's ours.

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Southern Cal
3 Texas
4 Oklahoma
6 Oklahoma State
7 Penn State
8 Ohio State
9 Alabama
10 Utah
11 Virginia Tech
12 Georgia
13 California
14 Mississippi
15 Oregon
16 Boise State
17 TCU
18 Georgia Tech
19 Michigan State
20 Illinois
21 Nebraska
22 Texas Tech
23 Kansas
24 Rutgers
25 Tennessee

Let me just say a few things before you jump all over it (if you were planning to jump all over it).

1) It's a preseason poll and preseason polls mean even less than in-season polls. And since nobody has played a game yet, it's about the best time to gives teams a vote who you might surprise people and thus, deserve some consideration. If you don't put Boise State in the Top 20 now, they'll never get high enough for a BCS bowl. That sort of thing.

2) After the top ten or fifteen (which are more or less what the media has decided, given in a slightly different order), I voted in some teams that aren't what the media thinks. Why? Because I can and because I think teams like Illinois, Rutgers and Tennessee are going to have better seasons than people think. Oh, and they definitely deserve a ranking more than teams like Notre Dame (who voters vote for because they're lazy) or Florida State (is this a going-away present for Bobby?).

3) Yes, we want your input on this, but only if you agree with us. No, of course that's not true. But let's not let things get out of hand. It's just a blogpoll, after all. Let's save our histrionics for the value of names on the back of Purdue's jerseys.

That's all. Enjoy and expect to see a revised poll each Sunday or Monday during the season.

Let's end the week on a happy note.

Pre-Season Luncheon