The Handsome Hour On A Special Night

Yes, yes, we've been juggling the poor Handsome Hour all over the schedule like one of those crappy-ass shows that NBC greenlights and then has no idea when to put on the air to get, like, five viewers. However, we promise (or hope?) it's not because the show sucks. Tune in at a special time this week and let us know what you think:

Tuesday, 2/21, at 9:30 PM, Eastern. You can listen at this link.

Mobile users can listen via this link:

And the dial-in to listen on your telephonic device and maybe even join the conversation is (909) 265-9130.

Now you've got no excuses. 

We'll be talking Purdue basketball, what they need to do to sew up a tourney berth, what the home stretch looks like and, of course, some talk about the Kelsey Barlow dismissal from the team.

It'll be an emotional, tug-at-the-heartstrings, pinch-of-the-buttcheeks edition of the Handsome Hour.

As The Barlow Turns

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