Ugly is the new awesome

Nike and Oregon have teamed up once again to create a disgusting uni. The uniforms were unveiled yesterday, on campus at the University of Oregon.

Nike once-again bastardized the traditional colors of the Ducks, but they do have titanium belt loops, so there's that. Oregon's coaching staff says the uniforms are a recruiting tool and the kids love it...and I'm not saying they don't, but that doesn't change the fact that they look like buffoons.

I'll compare it to my own fashion when I was a Freshman in college- I wore a pair of Deon Sanders Nike cross trainers (black, white, red, gold) with red jeans and a sweater vest to class every now and again. I thought it looked didn't. Not only did I not look great, I looked like a clown. But, I was missing the stretch wig and red nose...The Ducks have their own version of the stretch wig and nose with the wings emblazoned on their shoulders and the platinum-finish, carbon fiber pattern-dipped helmet with electrical tape down the center.

Welcome to clown college- Now in Eugene, OR.

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