Fighting Forces Greater than Themselves

I'm sure most of you already know this...and I was going to let it pass without mention...but after prodding from a pal of mine, I thought it might be the right thing to mention this important aspect of the upcoming contest.

I really believe with or without Rob, Purdue is a better team than Siena...if they can get on the same page and expunge any remnants of what we saw v. Minnesota. But there is something going against our Boilers...something that is a force that might be too great to stop- Love.

Just'in-love, that is.

Everyone wants to be on love's side...this will be no different. From the media, to the casual fan, there's nothing like love...and no feeling like being just in love.

So this Friday, ironically, the Forces of Good will be fighting love itself...It's going to take a big effort to defeat (j'i)love.

In all seriousness, this guy Just'in-love Smith, is a pretty great story...and if nothing else, we appreciate his service to our country...but we also hope he loses in tremendous fashion on Friday afternoon.

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