IU fans, our apologies. That win was huuuuuuge!

I had a discussion with a pal of mine who's currently at IU. He took exception with us giving them a hard time for storming the court after beating a middle-conference opponent who has now lost 3/4 and was barely ranked.

See, my beef is the fact that IU, and its fans, always talk about banners and national titles. We usually counter this banter by saying that 95% of IU's current undergrads weren't even born when the most-recent banner was won. No big deal- national championships are a big deal...whether you know anything about them and how they were won or not. But, those banners that IU fans always fall back on are getting dusty. So, the same athletic department marketing group that came up with the bestest video ever has decided to modernize the wall of Ass. Hall.

(Thanks to our pal Ian for this!!)

Hoosier faithful, it was a big win for you guys...but it absolutely wasn't what you guys made it into. You guys are either a smalltime program whose coach goes through the halls of the arena with his hands in the air after beating an OK team. Or, you're a big time program...you decide and let us know, we'll make fun accordingly.

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