Thursday Morning's 1 Minute Practice Report (CMigrator copy 1)

-Final 2-a-day practice of the pre-season

-Hope liked the energy and speed of the team

-McBurse participated in most drills...but was not taking full-contact. Johnson, Evans, Quinn and Harris also returned in similar fashion.

Hope said Dierking would start at RB if the UND game was today.

-Trevor Foy continues to breathe down Nick Mondek's neck for a starting job. Hope said Foy is actually better at tackle right now because his technique's so good...but Hope loves Mondek's strength, athleticism and experience.

-Edison, K. Smith, Short, Werner, Kerrigan and Eargle were all mentioned by name as guys who had good days.

-Gabe Holmes is now just off of the two-deeps, according to Hope at TE behind Adams & Panfil...Lindsay is still out due to injury.

-Hope looks to name the starters next week...but thinks the defensive backfield has a ton of guys who will be ready to play.

-Siller is getting more precise and is catching the ball better with contact than last week.

-Hope said he won't be moving any of the LBs to DE any time soon...but might regularly move LBs toward the line to put pressure on opposing QBs.

-Nord thinks Marve looks ready right now...not showing rust at all at this point nor is he having problems with his timing in spite of not playing in a while.

-Keith Smith talked about the possibility of being double-teamed this season, "if they double one of us...the rest of us will eat all night long." He's got a ton of confidence in the rest of the receiving corps.

The Handsome Hour Preview Show, muthas.

Well, What Did YOU Take for P.E.?