Instant Impact Options

I'm one of the people that think the NCAA's rule that Seniors with eligibility transferring is a dumb rule...and it seems to make college athletes into free agents.  But, if the rule exists, it'd be great for it to actually help Purdue out.

So, here are a few guys that are available for immediate transfer without having to sit out a year that might be able to produce right away:

Jerron Granberry, North Florida
6'5" Guard/Forward who averaged 9.2points and 3.2 reb is a good shooter and a great free throw shooter (who knows; maybe his technique can be adopted by our Boilers?)...looks to be a Wyoming lean.

Tarik Black, Memphis
6'9" Forward who averaged 8.1/4.8...physical presence.  Minnesota might be his current leader as they've made him a focus.

Lasan Kromah, George Washington
6'5" Guard who averaged 10.1/3.7...great size, length and athleticism, but not a great shooter.  Looks like he'll end up on the East coast.

Jake Thomas, Marquette
6'3" Guard, originally from Wisconsin, who averaged 1.8 points/game is rumored to be looking at coming to Purdue...I don't know much about him other than he's already transferred once (from South Dakota)...that seems to be a bit of a sign that he just jumps around.

Errick Peck, Cornell
6'6" Forward who averaged 9.7/ guy from Indy. Rumors swirl about him heading to Butler and Boston College; this guy would be my number one choice...if I had a choice.  Interestingly, Peck played his HS ball with Kelsey Barlow at Cathedral in Indianapolis.

This rule helped out Louisville (Luke Hancock) quite a bit down the stretch...The right fit can make a huge difference.

There are about ten more players out there who fit the bill of being able to play right away, at this point...and there might be a few more in the coming days.  Outside of Thomas and Peck, there doesn't seem to be a whole bunch of smoke with any of these guys...and I'd prefer Purdue give the walk-ons schollies than get a guy like Thomas.  But I've been wrong before, might be again in the future.

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