Lou's Shravesty of a Prediction

Oh, Lou Holtz, you need to take your meds. Or less of them. I'm not sure which. Because, if you haven't heard, Lou Holtz thinks Notre Dame and Florida will meet for the BCS national title.

As the linked article al.com notes, Lou didn't say UND was the #2 team in the nation, just that they had a nice, gooey, doughnut-soft schedule that will allow them to go undefeated. And even though that's, quite simply, silly talk, it's very true in the sense that the pollsters and media will lap up the milk Fat Charlie will serve them about returning to glory and this all being part of his master(bating) plan.

But Notre Dame's schedule?

Just for easy reference, here it is:

at Michigan
Michigan State
at Purdue
Boston College
Washington State
at Pittsburgh
at Stanford

If they don't win at least 9 games, Charlie should truly be fired. But 12-0? USC? Really?

Not. A. Chance. Put it effing Sharpie.

(Thanks to loyal reader Gregg Z for the tip.)

Hey, Do You Hear Something Coming Down The Tracks?

Let's end the week on a happy note.