Nothing Sticks to the Smart Ones

It took the feds a long time to actually get something to stick to John Gotti. Like all big time gangsters, the guy knew the law and knew how to dodge the big rap. But, eventually, a life of breaking the law caught up with him and he ended up in prison.

Are we seeing the same thing at Kentucky as things seem to be closing in on Teflon John Calipari?

Truthfully, I doubt it...Calipari is smart-enough to clean his dirty laundry through channels of people who don't seem to even know whom they're working for. But, the story surrounding Eric Bledsoe has more layers than an onion and its stench is much stronger.

This one's got a bit of everything- academic impropriety, money exchanging hands, people hiding things so investigators can't get information and tons of denials and important parts giving the silent's a bushel basket of rules, if not laws, being broken by quite a few people...and the whole mess leads back to the guy who does no wrong, Kentucky's current coach.

Perhaps this story will be what sends Cal to the NBA once again as he and Bron Bron finally make their love for eachother public.

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