She's smokin' and she can hit.

Weather is nice in Tampa Bay, these days

Eva Longoria has a pretty good life- married to a handsome, wealthy Frenchman, has a show on TV with a handful of other whore-ish characters...and she now has led her Rays to a playoff victory with two homeruns. Sadly, her stunning performance was against the White Sox who I grew up rooting for.

That Didn't Take Long
In the Indy area there are so many "die-hard" Chicago Cubs fans...You can't go to Starbucks or McAllister's without seeing some "life-long" Cubs fan in their oddly new-looking Cubbie hat or t-shirt. It's funny, many of them were telling me this was the year to break the Billy Bartman Curse...or something (I stopped listening)...But their confidence has fallen.
What? It's just an 0-2 deficit...Much like the Red Sox needed to defy probability to win their breakthrough series, the Cubs are now looking eye-to-eye with Mr. Elimination.

Best team in baseball, my arse.

Love Ya Lions!

Harder to win from a cell...