Is Hail Fire a Great Tradition?

If you are a true Purdue fan you know Hail Fire and either love it or hate it.  It's one of those things that's become a custom in our Boilermaker society, just like Lebron, and Tebow are in everyday society; you either love it or hate it.

The Exponent wrote an article today claiming Hail Fire to be one of the greatest traditions at Purdue, which leads us to this... why?

Sure it's fun, and sure it sets a tone for what a lot of Boilermakers are about but one of the greatest traditions at Purdue? Give me a break!

Purdue is so rich in history and tradition this is like saying Pacquiao got his ass kicked against Timothy Bradley -- it's just not true.

With this article being written, there has been some speculation that the chant will be taken away, which could very well happen.

It's already been banned at Volleyball games and whether we will hear it again is still in question.

What really gets me about all of this talk isn't the chant, because I have participated in it my share of times, but the clout that it is being given. It's being put next to things like fountain runs, the Oaken Bucket and Breakfast Club. It just doesn't belong in that category.

With the reactionary athletic department at Purdue, don't be surprised if the cheer is gone, at least at Mackey.  It's not something to be upset about, I don't think, because it's just another chant; there will be more.  It's still among the loudest arenas in the country in my opinion and nothing can take that away.

Maybe after all we should quit worrying about those people (this word is used liberally) down south and cheer on our team.

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