Maybe He's Grumpy About Being Called "Poo-Holes"

Albert Poo-holes (see the pronunciation guide on his player card) continues to carefully cultivate his newfound public image as a jackass.

In an interview on Dominican radio (perhaps he didn’t realize the Americanos could decode his Spanish), Pujols said he didn’t think players from non-playoff teams should win the MVP Award, alluding of course to Ryan Howard of the Phillies. If I really cared about an award voted on by cranky and often obnoxious baseball writers, I might point out to Pujols that his team – the Cardinals – only won 83 games this past season and in almost any other season in any other division almost ever, his team wouldn’t have been within 10 games of the playoffs (including the Phillies division, since the Phillies actually had a better record than the Cardinals but weren't lucky enough to have the Cubs, Brewers, Reds, Astros and Pirates around). But I guess that’s neither here nor there.

I might also point out that it’s not unreasonable to think Howard deserved the MVP, given his .313 average, 58 home runs and 149 RBIs. Those are some ridonkulous numbers by any standard.

I also enjoyed learning that it appears the Pujols is the general manager of the Cardinals as well, as he is quoted in the article as saying "I thought we were going to sign Soriano, but it wasn't possible. We also intended to trade for him during the season, but the Nationals wanted too much for him."

I can just imagine Albert Pujols walking away from the negotiating table with the Nationals, saying “No mas! You want to much for him. I have to go to batting practice.”

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