Poll Dancing 1/31/11

This week's polls are out and our Boilers land at a respectable 11/10. Their composite computer ranking is 8.7...so they're pretty close to where they should probably be.

A couple of things perplex me about the poll though.

While I understand that the reigning national champ deserves respect, Duke was crushed by an unranked team who was on a 5-game losing streak...and dropped to 5th. Duke has not beaten a team in the current RPI top-35.

Syracuse, who now has lost four-straight, has only dropped to 17th. Keep in mind they were whipped at home in the last week by a team barely in the top-100.

Hopefully, the mid-season malaise has worn off for the top teams in the land...or at least those named Duke and those in the Big East. If not, the pollsters heads are bound to explode.

In other media news: JJ averaged 23/7 in two games versus ranked opponents, yet wasn't honored by the Big Ten as a player of the week. In his place, PSU's Talor Battle (22.5/2) versus one ranked opponent, one lousy one & Darius Morris (triple-double & 17/8 games v. two unranked opponents) take home the imaginary hardware.

(After glancing over the polls, I must have missed IU's ranking after their amazing win over Illinois and near-win against MSU)

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