Uh-Oh: Could the Golden Boys Have Cheated, Too?

Looks like the Pats aren't the only ones who might be cheaters in the NFL. The feel-good Colts might also be to blame.

Just like in baseball and auto racing, where the old adage goes, "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'," it looks like the Colts are the latest to get called out for trying something that's a bit below-board.

Whether or not there's truth to it remains to be seen, but the Colts right now stand accused of piping in extra crowd noise for Sunday's showdown with the Patriots.

What's interesting to me is why a team would think this would really help. This is what makes me think this is either unlikely to be true or, if it is true, is the product of someone aside from the football operations (i.e., the sound team at the Hoosier/RCA/Whatever Dome). I mean, isn't it likely the Pats have played in pretty loud places before?

Apparently, league officials were tipped off when the crowd noise got very loud in the dome.

"This game took place in Indianapolis," said Roger Godell in a prepared statement, "and everybody knows the Indiana crowds never really get loud so we knew something was amiss."*

Seriously, though, I think this is pretty funny and just adds to the brewing hate between these teams and fan bases.

*Statement may be fabricated -- please don't have me kneecapped, Commissioner Goodell.

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