Cowboys Lay Down and Play Dead

I never did understand why the Cowboys were such a chic pick for the Super Bowl this year. They had the same cast back as last year -- with the addition of alcoholic criminal Pacman Jones -- which couldn't win even a single home playoff game. They are in the best division in football, which also includes the defending champs, who didn't get worse or anything. And yet everyone on any major network seemed to be picking the Cowgirls go all the way.

And now, here they are, sitting at 5-4 and quite possibly not going to the playoffs. They're 2 1/2 games behind the Giants at the moment and while I don't necessarily feel that that's safe enough, it's a nice position to have your favorite team in. And around here at BS, with the Colts scuffling along at 4-4 and the Browns starting Gaydy Quinn, I'm definitely in the best position. (Not that kind of position, Brady.)

My absolute favorite moment from the Giants rumble over the Cowboys on Sunday, though, was one that Troy Aikman pointed out immediately and which is currently featured over at Fan IQ.

In the third quarter, I think the Cowboys had quit (did they really think Brooks freaking Bollinger was the answer?) and nothing said that more clearly than Michael Jenkins (#31) simply not wanting any part of Derek Ward.

That's quite hilarious. And sad, if you like the Cowboys.

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