The Helmet Schedule Is Out: Football Nerds Everywhere Celebrate By Asking Girls To "Give Some Helmet"

The helmet schedule that we all get excited about every year is out for 2009 (actually, it's apparently been out a while but until BHGP announced it, I didn't notice -- I rely on BHGP for all my helmet-related and horse porn-related updates). It was definitely neat the first time we saw it but now it's becoming like the release of Madden for PlayStation -- kind of exciting but the hype is starting to outweigh the fun.

To combat this, the creators at SimonOnSports went a new route this year, using retro helmets for each team. For some, the retro looks just like the current. For teams like the Boilers, they chose a helmet, interestingly, that our guys barely ever wore -- it was for the 1969 season only, I believe.

As for the complete schedule, you can download it here.

Oh, also.....
Is this perhaps the most confused helmet you've ever seen? A big, muscular, apparently naked warrior being hugged by a rainbow. What's more intimidating than that?

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