In case you missed it...

Purdue lost to a good MSU team today...and Gary Harris played huge and shot well when needed.  But, if you're still a fan of Izzo, MSU or ambivalent toward Branden Dawson check out the video...

No doubt that Dawson is a talented guy...perhaps he doesn't need to punch Travis Carroll in the stomach to make space?

Let's review-
AJ goes high elbow on a drive and gets a flagrant foul called.  By the way, the foul was so egregious that the MSU player, who was wearing a protective mask at the time, took his mask off for a few minutes after.  The point is, it didn't land.

BUT, Dawson's shot to Carroll's stomach did...and no call was made. PLUS, Dawson continues to act like an entitled b*tch-  He'll be a good fit in the NBA.

Like Dawson's antics last year in East Lansing, I'm sure Izzo didn't see this either.

Keep up the good work, coach...we're probably just being overly-sensitive.

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