Purdue-Notre Dame To Tangle Under the (Portable) Lights

The last time Purdue and Notre Dame faced off in West Lafayette, it was just the fifth night game in Ross-Ade history. Jimmy Clausen was leading the heavily favored Irish and Purdue looked inept for much of the night. I even remember Boilerdowd getting so irritated watching that he was close to turning it off. Then, without warning, Purdue did what they rarely do -- make a comeback after looking cooked.

I wasn't present, but I've been told that when Jaycen Taylor caught a screen pass in the flat that Notre Dame was completely unprepared for and raced into the end zone to give the Boilers the lead, the noise level in Ross-Ade rivaled any moment since the Brees years. I personally remember leaping off my couch and causing a ridiculous commotion. My wife was less than amused.

Evidently, the powers that be have decided that it was so much fun it needs to happen again. The Boilers and the Irish will meet at 8 PM on Sat, October 1, under the lights at Ross-Ade. Purdue is just 1-4 in home night games, with the only win being a game that I attented in September 1994. It was a 51-14 win over Toledo and it was my first game witnessed in person at Ross-Ade. I figured that sort of thing happened all the time.

The 2009 game vs Notre Dame was also the start of the current blackout uniform phase. If my calcs are correct, they're now 8-12 in that garb. As  I've said before, it's time to ditch it as the everyday uni.

As much as I am.....concerned...about the upcoming football season, thinking about an 8 PM night game at Ross-Ade -- against Notre Dame -- gets my blood flowing a bit.

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