3:00 am College Football Thoughts

It's late, I'm tired, but I have a few thoughts on the day-

-Notre Dame's not as bad as I thought they were, they're worse. According to ESPN, they have the last-ranked offense in the nation...and still haven't scored an offensive TD.

-The Gameday Crew just nearly gave Purdue credit...Huh. I was beginning to think that no one at ESPN in studio knew Purdue was playing this season.

-The Kentucky upset of Louisville caused me to get out of my chair and cheer...I really don't like either team, I just like upsets. Oh yeah, L'ville is over-rated.

-Texas, Wisconsin, UCLA, GTech & VTech all look over-rated as well.

-USC, LSU, Florida, Cal & WVU seem to be the class of college football, to me at this point.

-Nice job Northwestern, you along with the Duke Blue Devils have preserved a record that is important to Northwestern's storied past in NCAA football. It seems like after an 11-year hiccup, it looks like the Mildcats will be back where they belong- in the basement of the Big Ten. I, for one, don't want my son to grow up in a world where Northwestern is anything but a laughing stock in football.

(Photo just added- Lymon angry at CMU DB)

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