Does Gator taste better than Wolverine?

Michigan was a solid number 3 in the country. They were #3 in the AP, Coaches, and the BCS. USC choked against UCLA, so Michigan should have moved up to #2. Then Florida beat Arkansas, and Urban Meyer lobbied the voters ala Mack Brown. Granted, Arkansas was ranked highly, but it's not as though Michigan played poorly. In fact, they didn't play at all! So what the voters are saying is that because Michigan had the week off and Florida beat Arkansas in a non-dominating performance, all of a sudden, Florida is much better than Michigan.

I personally feel that the AP voters are simply punishing the Big-Eleven because they don't want to see a rematch. It doesn't even matter if the two best teams in the country are from the same conference. The voters simply don't want it.

Guess what, NCAA? This wouldn't be a concern if there was a playoff. Are you telling me that it doesn't matter if the kids who play in division II miss classes? They have a playoff system... yet your excuse for not putting one in division I is that the kids would be playing too long, missing too many classes, etc. Do the parents of division II players know that you don't care about their kids? Isn't that the message you're sending? You're not important unless you're D1. We don't care about your education unless you're D1.

Well, you don't care about anyone's education. You care about the money. The quicker you admit it, the quicker we can come up with a real on-field solution.

I would want an eight team playoff, but I would take four teams. That's a grand total of 1 extra game. There are some schools that already play 13 games in the year, so it wouldn't be any more games realistically. Have every team play 12 games. Those with conference championships should play 11, plus the championship game. Then the max number of games a team will play in any year is 14. The same as it now. Oh the humanity! Won't somebody please think of the children?!?

Any teams not in the playoff can still feel free to go to the Wastewater Management Toilet Bowl. It's a very easy solution. In March Madness, do people not attend the round of 64 games because it's not a "big" game? I think not. People will still attend bowls that are outside of the playoff system. Just think of how much money you can make from a true national championship. That's what it really comes down to.

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